Personalizing MORE!!!

I'm currently working on making the pack even more worthwhile and great value.  I'm making it so that the personal pack will contain a hell of a lot more than it currently does - It is in production right now and sometime soon I'll be offering well over 100 "personalized responses". The pack we currently do has just about enough in it to make the pack much more immersive - But I've personally got all of the extra stuff (and more) and frankly I want you to have that too, so I'm going to work on getting loads more in it - Yes it's a premium extra, but hey, I'll make sure it contains more. For those of you that are already enjoying the personal pack, I'll send out a hefty discount code when the time comes so don't worry, you'll get an option appropriately.

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  • Angel says...

    I’ve been loving Astra and adapted her voice for Star Citizen. Already outstanding with Elite Dangerous. When Star a citizen comes out with persistent universe, I’m hoping a variety of voice packs tailored to Star Citizen will be available. You guys have done tremedous work and inspired others to become creative. Mucho kudos for you guys across the pond. Loving it :xD

    April 27, 2015

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