Elite Dangerous Voice Packs

The perfect solution for virtual reality headsets.

Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

Elite: Dangerous for PC and VoiceAttack software is required to run the official "Elite: Dangerous Voice Packs".
Download information below.

We have a selection of official celebrity voice response packs to choose from.  Most of which are professionally voiced by classic SciFi legends from Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Flash Gordon, Blake's 7, Star Wars and others.

William Shatner, Tom Baker, Brent Spiner, Paul Darrow, Norman Lovett,
Brian Blessed, Silvia McClure, Hatty Hayridge, KSi and more...

The packs are designed for use with or without Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, although it is the BEST all round experience with a virtual reality headset.

All voice packs have 1000 + command responses, some have additional educational information in the form of  the "GalaXapediA, Constellations & Quantum Theory" facts.

Other sci-fi genre related stuff from your favourite movies or tv episodes can also
be found within the packs.