Newsletter 1

This is the first newsletter and I'll be making sure there are more too.

All the packs are currently undergoing new content additions, this will include the wingman extras for the rest of the packs and the command responses that are needed for Star Citizen too.  These updates and overhauls take time to complete, however, we’re aiming to have them ready just as soon as we can.  Both KsAi & Vasco won't be included in the update for Star Citizen, but will be as soon as we can get them back in the studio.

There will be more packs coming in the future, a couple that we have already mostly recorded –  Right now I can’t tell you what they are or when it will be, but there will be new content.

A.S.T.R.A - She's currently being recompiled with stereo - And will be available in better quality in the coming weeks. This will be Astra's first major overhaul. She'll also have a load of additional content too, not only that we'll be organising a submission area for users of Astra to post quotes and sentences they'd like added - So when we do the update for Astra you'll be able to get hundreds of more suitable phrases and responses.  It can be anything and everything - I'll be organising the submission area in the forum just as soon as we know how to :) 

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In the works - Paul Watson

Hi folks, Just touching base with you, it's been so busy of late making and providing new packs, breathing life into the voices and helping and supporting you as best I can - But right now, it's a pretty good time for HCS Voice Packs to take a breather, look carefully at all of the packs, make fixes here and there and fill in some of the gaps that need some attentive DIY from moi .... So! Here's what I'm currently working on

1. Astra - She is need of some attention in relation to the actual sound bytes themselves, the files re-recorded, things like the GalaXapediA and the other parts need to be improved for the random response facts, there's some other issues with sound on some of the earlier files compared to the later ones. so we're looking at this (me & Fade) and looking to make things right and more polished. I'll add the ships and their info as soon as I can.

2. Slowly but surely we will work through the packs, get some of the actors back in and make appropriate additional script for them to update and add to content. - I hope to do this in the next 6 weeks. I'm sure you "get it" that we can't just haul Norman Lovett & Tom Baker back in just for odd stuff, we can only do this if there's significant requirements, but for the other packs, we'll do what we can of course.

3. I will of course be adding another pack in the coming week(s) which many of you know about (KsAi) which is ....well... let's just say it wouldn't be suitable for children, contains profanity etc, nevertheless IT IS AWESOME - And another pack named "Jazz", a female, American, very smooth, very swish. Also I'm currently in talks about another classic British Sci-Fi character, very exciting... Again, just talks for now.

4. Xbox kinect development - Working hard to finalise the prerequisites for this, it's pretty straight forward in terms of the tech / hardware etc, there are considerations that have to be made / met for this sort of thing, so we're a little way off. But, we are researching this now.

There's a ton of other stuff I'm also doing, but I can't list it all - If you have any questions, I'm planning a live Q&A session in the coming weeks, more on that soon. Thanks again everyone

Paul Watson
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New Voice Pack Coming!!!

"Z" - The name “Z” is derived from an Ai being the last of it's kind, in a long line of experimental nanobots...  Check out "Z" on the product page - A sound sample will be up very soon :)

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