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What's a voice pack?

Voice control your games with VoiceAttack software and one of our awesome voice packs!  Take command, issue orders and immerse yourself in the world's very first theatrical crew experience!

Pre-prepared VoiceAttack profiles and audio responses for games including:

Helldivers 2, Flightsim, X4: Foundations, Elite: Dangerous, No Man's Sky, Star Wars Squadrons, Star Citizen, Call Of Duty & Battlefield.

Simply install one of our packs, and next time you start VoiceAttack and choose the right profile for the game you're playing - it reads your keybinds from the game automatically, connects (where possible) to the API and you can start giving voice commands:

"Launch the ship"
"Lower the landing gear"
"Request reinforcements"

and thousands more.

And not only does it perform the action for you, but your chosen voice responds and interacts with you...
Watch the video and learn all about the packs, the science fiction legends that perform them, and much more....