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Reset your downloads


In the event that you exhaust the allowed download attempts on Sendowl for a specific product you've purchased (excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products), you may choose to reset the download count to 10 by paying a fee of £2.50.

To reset your download count from zero to 10 downloads

Please make the purchase here for £2.50 with the same email address you have on Sendowl.  You will receive a receipt for this by email.  Forward the receipt to info@theqnn.com and state the product you wish to apply the download reset to, including the order number or Sendowl ID. Carefully read the terms of the download reset below.

The digital downloads provided by HCS VoicePacks are subject to bandwidth costs that are incurred with each download. To sustain the quality of service and to manage these costs, HCS VoicePacks has implemented a download limit and a nominal fee for resetting the download count for non-subscription products. This structure helps ensure fair access to all customers and supports the ongoing availability of our products.

  1. Access to Digital Downloads: With the purchase of each product license, the customer shall be granted access to the corresponding digital download(s), excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products.
  2. Download Limit: Access to each individual digital download shall be limited to a total of 10 download attempts or 10 downloads, whichever occurs first, excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products.
  3. Download Count Reset: In the event that a customer exhausts the allowed download attempts for a specific product (excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products), the customer may choose to reset the download count to 10 by paying a fee of £2.50.
  4. Per Product License Basis: The aforementioned download limits and reset fee shall apply on a per product license basis. Should a customer own multiple packs and exhaust the download limits on more than one (excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products), they shall be required to pay the reset fee of £2.50 for each individual product license they wish to reset.
  5. Reset Time Frame: Resetting the download count can take up to 24 hours but is usually done within a few hours. HCS VoicePacks will make reasonable efforts to process the reset within this time frame but makes no guarantee of immediate availability.
  6. Using .vap Profiles for Updates and Re-Downloads: Customers may use the .vap profiles to update their product through the update prompt in VoiceAttack. This method allows customers to add new functionality, fixes, or updates for the free .vap files and this will NOT affect your download count. 
  7. Free updates mean a full download:  For a significant update, like additional sounds being released, or a major update for .vap files, HCS VoicePacks recognises that as free content, and although this requires a download, it WILL affect your download count as you will be required to make a full re-download of your product, if indeed you want to take advantage of free additional content.
  8. Subscription-Based Products: Subscription-based products may require updates that sometimes necessitate a full download. These updates and full downloads shall not be subject to the download limit. Terms and conditions for subscription-based products shall be governed by a separate section of this agreement or by the applicable subscription agreement.
  9. Exclusion of Pre-orders: Download limits shall not apply to pre-orders. For pre-ordered products, the download count will be reset to 10 on the official release date.
  10. Responsibility of the Customer: It shall be the responsibility of the customer to monitor and manage their download attempts, and to take action to reset the download count if desired, excluding pre-orders and subscription-based products. HCS VoicePacks assumes no responsibility for the inability of the customer to access digital downloads once the download limit has been reached. 

To check your download count, please log in to Sendowl.

How do I recover Order / Download link?
https://transactions.sendowl.com/order_recoveries/new?merchant_id=18926 - will send you any download links you own.
https://transactions.sendowl.com/customer_accounts/18926/login - login to access your pack(s) Note: You need to claim the account first.
These will be sent out to the email address that was used when the order was made


You can review our terms & conditions of sale in the license here