Elite Dangerous + Simulated Ai Voice Packs - The most immersive Experience EVER!


Our latest pack - "Crusoe" featuring physicist, broadcaster and adventurer Eylene Pirez is now available.  Bring Crusoe aboard your ship and set out to explore the galaxy. 

Experience the discovery of Crusoe with guest appearances by Vega (Brent Spiner) and Mark Epperson:

Legendary stars from Star Wars, Star Trek TOS & TNG, Blake's 7, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Space 1999, Flash Gordon & many others!  Make your own crew and travel across the galaxy alongside these Sci-Fi legends - Only this time, YOU get to play the lead role in the worlds first most immersive space opera experience!  Oculus Rift & HTC Vive community recommended. 


Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen or No Man's Sky for PC plus VoiceAttack software is required for use of these HCS Voice Packs.