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New update now released! - 27th January, 2024

Subscription-only product! £10 for the entire year
Note! Requires at least one voice pack for Elite Dangerous to run.

 This is a standalone membership product with an annual renewable subscription of £10, payable just once a year. 

Please carefully read the description before making a purchase.  

The Ad-Astra package is a subscription-only product (£10 paid annually).  Ad-Astra is a fully-featured information-based catalog of responses by ASTRA.  These responses are all tied to in-game events through Elite Dangerous Journal, coupled with live data from the latest feeds of information from community apps.

Ad-Astra currently requires at least one voice pack to work, however, a stand-alone version may be coming later.

2024 update & features list;

  • Expeditions - Plot waypoints, import waypoints, create and share waypoints.
  • Mining - Prospecting with limpets
  • Will tell you when you receive a combat bond from destroying an enemy ship
  • Will tell you when you receive a bounty from destroying a wanted ship
  • Will tell you when a fighter is rebuilt
  • Will let you know if a ship is clean or wanted when you scan it
  • AdAstra will tell you what percentage your hull is when the ship takes damage
  • Tracks how many missions you have and lets you know when you can accept 5 more
  • She will advise you when you've completed, or failed a mission
  • When you log in to the game, AdAstra will let you know if you have at least one mission that will fail in 4 hours or less
  • Will tell you what type of planet you've just scanned, ie a "terraformable high metal content world" when in the FSS scanner and if it's been discovered and/or mapped before by another player
  • Lets you know when you map a ring while using the DSS and which one it was, ie ring B
  • Lets you know when you've identified all the bodies when using the FSS scanner
  • You can ask how many jumps are left in your current route
  • AdAstra will let know when you find geological or biological features when mapping a planet with the DSS
  • AdAstra will let you know if there is a point of interest within 50km of your ship when you touchdown on a planets surface, such as as a settlement or guardian site
  • Will warn you when you have 25 fuel% fuel left, so you don't have to call the Fuel Rats :)
  • Tells you when you've been fined or are marked as wanted and for what reason, ie speeding or attacking a clean ship
  • Before launching from a station, she will warn if you have no re-buys, a limpet controller & no limpets and a fighter but no NPC onboard
  • Advises when a limpet is launched from your ship
  • AdAstra will congratulate you when you got promoted in Combat, Trade, Exploration, CQC and Federal and Imperial Navies
  • Will let you know you have a fine at a station when you dock there
  • If a docking request was denied, she'll tell you why, ie All the landing pads are full or you are to far from the station.
  • Give you pertinent info when jumping into a system, such as if you are wanted in the system and how many stations are in it.
  • You can ask for your current credit balance
  • You can ask how many rebuys you have for your current ship
  • Lets you set trade route bookmarks. You can add up to 5 systems or bookmarks and commodities. AdAstra will offer to plot a course to the next location and buy the cargo when you get to the station
  • Tells you each time ore is refined while mining
  • Will warn  you have low cargo space when mining and offer to dump limpets for you (configurable)

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