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AVIATOR - Capt. Williams


Voice control for Flightsim with "Aviator Alpha Capt. Williams" for Microsoft Flightsim 2020, voiced by First Officer Louise Bilal. (VOICEATTACK 64bit Beta SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED)

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There will be 3 voices available for Aviator - This one Capt. Louise, a real transatlantic pilot with legendary airline pilot experience.   Her voice will come with options for an additional 'headset' style effect, for smaller planes, though experimental at this stage, and, may not be available at alpha.  Other voices are planned and will be available as DLC (Optional download content) for 'AVIATOR'.  Elise's voice, performed by Mzia Cruz (featured in the demo) is planned later (Spring 2021) due to studio restrictions / COVID setbacks.  The current set of script planned for ALPHA stage will increase over time and will evolve with the chosen title(s) we can currently support. Only available for Flightsim2020 for the moment.  

Responses are planned for many of the planes in the game, however, to start off with, options will be minimised to just 2 or 3 of the most commonly used planes.  A generic set of commands and responses should work for most. It should be noted that we are configuring the Aviator to work in-game through the API - Many options will be available to us without the necessity of mapping keys, which of course is a very exciting prospect for this product and its future with FS2020.   Some keys may need to be mapped (minimal), and some cannot be until Flightsim is updated.

Should you have more than one voice pack (pilot voice) Switching between your pilots/voice assistants is done with a simple voice command, "Change voice to NAME".  Tons more options are coming!

A demo of one of our voices, "Elise", can be viewed here, or on YouTube.



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