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The Ship's Parrot


NOTE! At least one existing voice pack for Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen is required for The Ship's Parrot to run.

Parrots.  A long-forgotten species, one that thrived on planet Earth thousands of years ago.  They became extinct on Earth in the 22nd century when air pollution became too toxic for them. Just prior to their demise, they migrated from their native surroundings in a last-ditch effort to survive and ended up in Antarctica, the least polluted region on Earth. They were forced to migrate there or face certain death from the highly toxic air pollution that humans had caused everywhere else.  During the mass migration to Antarctica, many parrots died.  Some were just not able to make it all the way and perished – Most of them froze on the wing and dropped to their frosty deaths to the ice plains below.  Those that did make it didn't survive for very long, freezing to death within a few weeks….

Rumour has it that an entire colony of parrots are still there, sat perched in an ice cave, frozen solid, right where they were huddled together. Suspended in time, motionless, their plumage emits a bright spectrum of light through the icicles.  Sad innit… Anyway, it doesn’t matter, because DNA has been extracted from the pretty coloured frozen polly lollies so that new parrots can be grown in the lab and distributed to all spaceships… Isn’t that fantastic news!




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