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Helldivers 2 - FREE VERSION


FREE version only includes basic commands and VoiceAttack software is required.

Helldivers 2 Havoc Series voice command free demo pack featuring ASTRA 2.0

Watch our tutorials here - https://bit.ly/43LPWQN

• Helldivers 2 basic Stratagem Commands Included:
Reinforcements - "Call In Reinforcements."
Resupply - "Call In A Resupply."
Orbital Precision Strike - "Call In An Orbital Precision."
Eagle Airstrike - "Call In An Eagle Air Strike."
Machine Gun - "Call In A Machine Gun."

• Automatic Helldivers 2 keybind reader – Detects your preferred keys
Customisable Stratagem code entry speed
Voice Trigger Editor to create your own voice commands for starting Stratagems
Combat-ready commands for Helldivers 2 
• Responses from Astra that are both varied and VERY cool.

Voice command & response pack for use with VoiceAttack software.
Includes Strategem Code Entry System & Boots-On-The-Ground voice commands.

How to install -

Extended demo and new "On-My-Mark" commands!




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