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Gamma - Star Citizen


Gamma, performed by Claudia Christian. Available now!

Claudia Christian is famed for Babylon 5 and a ton of other sci-fi-related productions in video games, TV & movies.  A superstar and a legend!

"Designation GammA.  Conflict is my thing.... War is my business"

Gamma is complemented with Crusoe's Galaxapedia & Constellations.
This character is straight to the point, stoic and efficient - With familiar traits we all know and love, Gamma is a must for your crew collection. 


Background: Gamma is a decommissioned military Ai, originally installed into combat-ready vessels. Gamma has been powered off for some years but is currently reported to be residing within a surface outpost beacon, on an unused and derelict ground base, somewhere on a planet, in a system somewhere, within the known area of the galaxy. Ai like Gamma appear to be self-aware, though, the consensus is, her characteristics are just programmed into her primary code – Merely to make the experience of using Ai aboard your ship somewhat more interesting than just a matter-of-fact cockpit assistant. This is questionable and some fanatics believe otherwise... Gamma is also of military design and will always be about protecting the ship, the cause, the commander, and maybe the ship's cat. Gamma comes across as facetious, but friendly, terse but fair. Most of all, Gamma is exceptionally efficient and fast on the draw, and ‘War is her business'. Conflict is what Gamma was designed for, though, there are rumours suggesting Gamma has shown traits of compassion and empathy during her service aboard many ships in the past - Though, Gamma is also versatile enough to fit into any role. Again, this is widely believed to be hearsay & rumour – For the most part, the word is, Gamma is the most capable combat ship’s computer Ai ever built.

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