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Eli - Starfield Voice Pack


Eli - Starfield Voice Pack by John de Lancie.  Download now for the release of our early alpha access.  This will be a rudimentary set of audio to begin with, but it wil increase during the alpha and into beta.  Don't forget, this pack contains profanity!

For 'Starfield', we've got a treat that's as wild as the cosmos: an all-new voice pack featuring the irreverent and downright hilarious John de Lancie. Known for his iconic voice tinged with humor and a sprinkle of sass, John has recorded exclusive content that promises laughs and unexpected twists in your interstellar journey. With HCS Voice Packs, we're amped to drop this into your gaming universe. Play 'Starfield' on PC, and let John's unmistakable quips and jests lead the way. Space exploration was never this cheeky!

For those diving in, a heads-up: John's voice pack brings its fair share of profanity, making the cosmos feel a bit more... colorful. So gear up for a space ride that's as uncensored as it is unforgettable!

Sounds for use with Starfield Only.  VoiceAttack software is required to use the complimentary, free .vap files:
Enhance your gameplay with voice commands, selecting from an expansive library of sounds recorded by renowned sci-fi stars and professional actors. This purchase includes audio files specifically designed for use with VoiceAttack and Starfield.

VoiceAttack software is required to use the complimentary, free .vap files - Purchase from VoiceAttack.com - Free VoiceAttack profiles (.vap files) in your voice pack: These files are provided as a complimentary package in the voice pack and are not sold. HCS VoicePacks licenses only the audio use within this package and makes no warranties regarding the provided .vap files for use with VoiceAttack software. Please consult the License conditions for HCS VoicePacks before making your purchase.

The "Free" complimentary .vap (VoiceAttack profile) is shipped free with the VoicePack, but please note that it is provided as a complimentary option and is neither warranted nor sold. Click here to see how that works.

Download Limitations: A limit of 10 downloads per purchase applies. Be sure to back up your files to avoid losing access - If you exhaust your downloads: Reset from 0-to-10 downloads,  click here - NOTE! During alpha and beta stages, these download limits will be reset for you free of charge.

By purchasing HCS VoicePacks, you gain access to a unique auditory experience within VoiceAttack and Elite Dangerous. Please review our terms carefully to understand the scope and limitations of your purchase.



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