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Ad-Astra ALPHA Stage "Alpha" package.

This is a standalone product with an annual subscription.  Please carefully read the description before making a purchase.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCT IN ITS EARLY DEVELOPMENT STAGES.

The price of £6.49 is for early access to Ad-Astra.  The price point for subscription WILL increase once we reach the BETA, first quarter 2021.

Alpha backers will have access to use the experimental development version of the product.  That means that THERE WILL BE BUGS AND NOT ALL CONTENT WILL BE AVAILABLE STRAIGHT AWAY.  It is hoped that when you find these bugs, you'll bring them to our attention! (see the manual for our Alpha Backers portal, where you can make bug reports).  We'd also like you to be a big part of the development process and invite you to suggest additional features that may be considered and added to the Ad-Astra package.

The Ad-Astra package is a subscription-only product (paid annually)  The plan for Ad-Astra is to make a fully-featured information based catalogue of responses by ASTRA.  These responses are all tied to in-game events. 

Ad-Astra currently requires at least one voice pack to work, however, a stand-alone version will be coming later.

Ad-Astra is entering its first phase of development (ALPHA stage) and we're inviting everyone to subscribe for early access.  The price will increase tp £7.99 once we begin the BETA stage, or once we release updated content.  Final subscription price TBA

Alpha stage features list;

  • Will tell you when you receive a combat bond from destroying an enemy ship
  • Will tell you when you receive a bounty from destroying a wanted ship
  • Will tell you when a fighter is rebuilt
  • Will let you know if a ship is clean or wanted when you scan it
  • AdAstra will tell you what percentage your hull is when the ship takes damage
  • Tracks how many missions you have and lets you know when you can accept 5 more
  • She will advise you when you've completed, or failed a mission
  • When you log in to the game, AdAstra will let you know if you have at least one mission that will fail in 4 hours or less
  • Will tell you what type of planet you've just scanned, ie a "terraformable high metal content world" when in the FSS scanner and if it's been discovered and/or mapped before by another player
  • Lets you know when you map a ring while using the DSS and which one it was, ie ring B
  • Lets you know when you've identified all the bodies when using the FSS scanner
  • You can ask how many jumps are left in your current route
  • AdAstra will let know when you find geological or biological features when mapping a planet with the DSS
  • AdAstra will let you know if there is a point of interest within 50km of your ship when you touchdown on a planets surface, such as as a settlement or guardian site
  • Will warn you when you have 25 fuel% fuel left, so you don't have to call the Fuel Rats :)
  • Tells you when you've been fined or are marked as wanted and for what reason, ie speeding or attacking a clean ship
  • Before launching from a station, she will warn if you have no re-buys, a limpet controller & no limpets and a fighter but no NPC onboard
  • Advises when a limpet is launched from your ship
  • AdAstra will congratulate you when you got promoted in Combat, Trade, Exploration, CQC and Federal and Imperial Navies
  • Will let you know you have a fine at a station when you dock there
  • If a docking request was denied, she'll tell you why, ie All the landing pads are full or you are to far from the station.
  • Give you pertinent info when jumping into a system, such as if you are wanted in the system and how many stations are in it.
  • You can ask for your current credit balance
  • You can ask how many rebuys you have for your current ship
  • Lets you set trade route bookmarks. You can add up to 5 systems or bookmarks and commodities. AdAstra will offer to plot a course to the next location and buy the cargo when you get to the station
  • Tells you each time ore is refined while mining
  • Will warn  you have low cargo space when mining and offer to dump limpets for you (configurable)

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