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Star Citizen - HCS Keybind Tools

NEW - 100% Free

Take control of your setup for Star Citizen

A fresh tool from HCS Voicepacks that helps you manage your Star Citizen Keybinds.

Loaded up with the game's defaults - and with the ability for you to import your keybinds from the game - it gives you command by command control over the keybinds for all 500+ options in the game.

What's more - it lets you set combos (something currently unavailable in the game) - your CTRL, SHIFT, ALT modifiers to make sure you've got all the features of the game at your fingertips.

It has a handy search facility so you can find the command you're looking for:

Just OPEN the tool - IMPORT your own setup - EDIT the keys - RENAME the profile and SAVE

ENTIRELY FREE - no VoicePacks required
NOTE: This ONLY lets you set keybinds and mouse clicks - not your joystick controls - for that, you'll have to use the in-game interface.

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