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Alix - X4 Foundations


VoiceAttack software is required for this product!
Alix for X4: Foundations
Full voice control and audio responses from Alix for X:4 Foundations - INCLUDING release 7.

New for 2024
Remastered, re-engineered and ready to deploy. An immersive and capable cockpit assistant to help you build your own empire, take on other ships and forge your way through the X4 Universe.


  • AUTOMATIC keybind reader - No setup required for preferred key presses
  • Voice trigger editor to customise your spoken commands
  • Take-off and landing commands
  • Targeting commands
  • Flight  commands including Travel Mode, SETA Mode, matching speed
  • Weapon selection & satellite deployment
  • Access to menus, maps and sub-tabs
  • On foot commands
  • Scanning & Sensors
  • Camera management
  • NPC Dialogue management via voice
  • "Multicrew ready" - own multiple packs and place them on different stations

Sounds for use with X4 Foundations.  VoiceAttack software is required to use the complimentary, free .vap files - Purchase from VoiceAttack.com:
Enhance your gameplay with voice commands, selecting from an expansive library of sounds recorded by renowned sci-fi stars and professional actors. This purchase includes audio files specifically designed for use with VoiceAttack and X4.

This profile is provided as a complimentary package in the voice pack and is not sold. HCS VoicePacks licenses only the audio use within this package and makes no warranties regarding the provided .vap files for use with VoiceAttack software. Please consult the License conditions for HCS VoicePacks before making your purchase.

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