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PC GAMES-N Voice Pack Review

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Hi, My name is Paul :).  I  have had a love for PC games since right back in the 80s – From BBC computers, Atari consoles, Spectrums & Commodore etc.  You name it.

I’ve been a fan of space sims for many years too – I back both of these games and have followed the re-introduction of them more recently and it’s VERY EXCITING!  Anyway, without getting too wrapped up in me, me, and me – the reason I did the voice pack initially is so that I could share my experience with somebody I care a great deal about that doesn’t have the access to gaming that most of us do.  My partner.

For 15 or so years now Multiple Sclerosis (very nasty disease that slowly stops you doing lots of things)  has made just playing something as simple as “The Sims” a near impossible task for Jan (wife & best friend) – Jan took an interest in the trading element of Elite Dangerous and we’d sit side by side mooching around space during the “beta” arguing about what commodities to buy.  Jan’s interaction of course was somewhat limited – but she would help me out from her tablet with the trading information from around the internet (finding out where to buy and sell stuff using trade tools, naughty).

Now? she does lot’s more using Astra – Not so much in combat of course, prefers to just trade but it’s far more engaging for her with voice commands and she manages fairly well (she used to be in a clan years ago too).  We both still play it together (not as much as i’d like) but she is now interested to see what Astra & voice software can do for her with other games.  And…….. what Astra can do for her in the home :).

Not only this, but we also raise money for charity – More recently we have given money to the charity “Special Effect” – We believe in what they do and we will continue to make donations.  Kate Russell’s fund raiser for “Special Effect” went very well, we watched closely and when it was done, we sent over £500 last knockings, which was raised by us during the same period  –  We’ll of course do this again and would like to see Special Effect getting continued support from you and of course, us – ;).

Anyway, that’s how the idea was born and since the early weeks back in August 2014 we are now looking at home automation with personal responses – developing a platform for both people with disabilities like Jan’s and also people with blindness or the severely sight impaired.  We’re under no illusions that it’s simply a bunch a voice files, but we are now aware that the creative element can make it such a personal and immersive experience, it can be applied to lots more applications.

We love it that people are great about what we have thrown together (yes, Jan does lots of the work, compiling stuff and Googling for data, helps write the stuff and adds a woman’s touch to Astra’s persona).

We’ve had such very good feedback for it too.  Everyone, EVERYONE has been so very kind, we thank you.