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ALPHA - Performed by The Man With No Name


ALPHA - Western-themed voice pack

"VoiceAttack" software is required! 
‘Singularity” – The 'Singularity' is a fantastic addition and this VoicePack is shipped with the feature, allowing you to use up to six VoicePacks at a time in Elite Dangerous. You can allocate different characters to different stations aboard your ship!  Click here to see how that works.  If you have more than six VoicePacks you can rotate your crew as often as you wish. 

"ALPHA" - He's cool, rugged, moody, cold-hearted and likes to work alone.  He really is 'The Ai With No Name'.  It's because he's a huge fan of Wild West movies which is a stand out feature in this voice pack.   Alpha's persona is very much western-themed, and you'll sometimes hear him quote his favourite legend, the real man with no name, Clint Eastwood, as well as a few quotes from other famous characters from classic westerns and western-themed Sci-Fi.  



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