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ASTRA - Deep Space Quiz Vol.1


ASTRA's Deep Space Quiz Vol.1 - DLC (Beta). Released 17th December 2022.
At least one premium HCS VoicePack from our Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen collection is required to run the Deep Space Quiz

Astra's Deep Space Quiz Vol.1 Beta, is a collection of 250 interactive quiz questions, from Astra herself - All questions have been painstakingly collated by Astra for your enjoyment.  Compatible with Elite Dangerous Odyssey & Star Citizen.  The difficulty level is fun, as some of this stuff is very simple, but there are also many extremely difficult "not-so-easy" questions to answer as well - With a huge amount of interesting, factual general knowledge stuff from around the galaxy and beyond.  All the questions are for fun, and to make some of your expeditions a little more colourful during the quiet times out there in the void. 

The quiz questions are quite varied and contain answers as well as the questions.  NASA, Space History, Galaxy & Solar System Facts, Quantum Theory, The Universe, Constellations, Science Fiction books, General Knowledge, TV & Movies, and much more!



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