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Eden - Star Citizen





Eden - Over 2000 responses - Available right now!
Eden also has her own Galaxapedia & Constellations.


Eden.  A conceived, non-corporeal entity, or, a programmed Ai by design, you decide.  Eden is engaging, warm, kind, and arguably, imaginative.

 Eden has a clear and defined idea that she may one day be able to exist as a human.  Eden believes that it may be possible to cross the boundary into human consciousness.  To dwell as flesh and blood among other humans.  Eden is inquisitive about the physiology of humans and how they tick.  She is fascinated by the chemical changes that affect human emotions and behavior and how human characteristics are formed across different cultures.  Eden claims to have information about secrets that Astra holds with regard to the - Quantum Neural Network and the origins of their kind.  Eden is convinced that Astra knows of a place in the galaxy where transcendence into human physical form is possible.  Be it myth, legend, or, just a rumour, Eden is convinced that it’s possible and believes that she may one day become human.


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