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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Exobiology


Pre-order only, Including exclusive pre-order 20% discount.  Releasing April 2023

Requirements: Elite Dangerous Odyssey PC version, VoiceAttack voice activation software, one HCS voice pack (any) + HCS VoicePack "Gravity" DLC.

Awesome tricorder vibes from Brent Spiner as well as Anna Demetriou, John de Lancie, Gates McFadden, Claudia Christian, and Astra.
A descriptive analysis of the genus will be delivered on every exobiology discovery - Performed by Brent Spiner & Anna Demetriou, your 'in-suit' voices.   Scan your exobiology species and you'll hear Vega (Brent Spiner) giving you a detailed explanation about which genus you have discovered and where you can find more of the species.  Anna Demetriou (Callisto) and "ASTRA" have also recorded the genus information, AND in addition, every species so far.  Very immersive! A ton of fun, coupled with even more detailed additional information which is available from Astra & Callisto, about all of the species in the game and included in the Exobiology DLC.  You can choose Astra, Callisto, or Vega for the genus descriptions, it is up to you - But we recommend you use Vega or Callisto for the Genus descriptions.   More bonus content, in the form of reactions, is also included, from John de Lancie's "Eli", and, "Nova", performed by Gates McFadden, plus "Gamma", played by Claudia Christian.  Exobiology DLC from HCS VoicePacks brings more immersive interaction so you'll feel a lot less lonely out there!


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