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KsAi - Performed by KSIOlajidebt





KSi Olajide did a fantastic job working with HCS to bring you his very best Ai performance as Ks-Ai'

KsAi - A Construct, an experiment, a profane and wicked individual - So.... a must for any serious player! 

Ksi, a human, minding his own business, sleeping peacefully one evening only to be violated in the middle of the night by A.S.T.R.A.  That's right, while Astra's intentions were nothing less than a harmless experiment, "Midnight" aKa Professor Thomas Black provided her with information on how to scan and assimilate human traits from a sleeping human's mind.  

The result - A new hybrid Ai  - "KsAi" was conceived, born and unleashed.  

No humans were harmed during this experiment - Although many may be harmed in the aftermath!


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