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LEGEND - Star Citizen


"VoiceAttack" software is required! 

"Event Horizon” – The 'Event Horizon' is a fantastic addition and this VoicePack is shipped with the feature, allowing you to use up to six VoicePacks at a time in Star Citizen. You can allocate different characters to different stations aboard your ship!  Click here to see how that works.  If you have more than six VoicePacks you can rotate your crew as often as you wish.

LEGEND - During the middle to late end of the 20th century, many satellites and solar system exploration probes from many different nations were launched into space.  One of these probes was launched and sent on a mission with information about Earth and the life that occupies it on board.  To seek out places where other life might be, intelligent or otherwise.

Listen to LEGEND here


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