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Midnight - Star Citizen





HCS VoicePacks proudly presents "Midnight".  Performed by Tom Baker, famous for Doctor Who. YOU DO NOT REQUIRE THIS PACK IF YOU ALREADY OWN MIDNIGHT FOR ELITE DANGEROUS.  See below for a fantastic demonstration & review by "Redacted' member  Noobifier. 

"Midnight" was once Professor Thomas Black before he was ascended into the Quantum Neural Network (QNN).  A professor of physics lectured in the most notable of Universities worldwide.  Cambridge born and from aristocracy – Descendent of seafaring traders & shipbuilders.

  Tom, as he was known by his friends and colleagues, was working in Cambridge.  Whilst there he was invited by a private company (Later known as the QNN and aptly named after the Quantum Neural Network) to take part in the study of both neurology & quantum physics in France.  To work on projects submitted to him by the architects of the QNN – His lab, hidden in the French Alps was where Professor Thomas Black worked tirelessly for the QNN for many years, mapping the human mind with advanced technology provided to him by the QNN – After 2 decades of research, a minor earthquake in the region where Tom’s lab was located caused a landslide, taking both the lab and Tom with it down the mountain.  He was presumed dead, his body never recovered.

 Many years later the QNN disclosed that there was more to the story… Much, much more.  There was a necessary cover-up at the time and for good reason.  Tom had discovered that he could take a human mind, “snapshot” it and have it exist in the quantum neural network as a transcended entity.  His journey to “The Singularity” had begun.  It is now said that the events surrounding the earthquake were relative to the moment Tom transcended into the Quantum Neural Network.  His research is rumoured to be lost along with the devastation of the lab...

"Midnight" - Written, Produced & Directed by Paul Watson.


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