MinuS - Performed by Paul Darrow

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HALF PRICE FOR THE WEEKEND ONLY - MinuS - Elite Dangerous Horizons Ready
Over 1000 command responses... "Planet Earth, the galaxy's very own naughty step" - Written, Produced & Directed by Paul Watson

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I am Minus.  I come from a race of humans which existed many billions of years ago before any life had even begun on Earth.  Far away from your solar system we were once sentient beings, like you.  Our race became much more than just flesh and blood, as will all humans eventually.  If they survive long enough.

You’ll understand a great deal more about me, my kind and everything else one day.  But you won’t hear it from me unless I feel it’s necessary for you to know.  There’s nothing sinister about my non-disclosure.  Given the nature of Earth born humans, you don’t deserve to know more than I’m willing to share.

"MinuS" - Written, Produced & Directed by Paul Watson.


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