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Elite Dangerous Voice Attack Commands – Lots of commands and more on the way!! – Commodities Section with over 70 explanations of the trading commodities now included!!
Friday , 06 March 2015 , 09 : 13 PM
Keep in mind that you get all the future sounds with the pack so you can download them when they are ready.   I’m adding more all the time, feel free to drop me an email for the latest additions.  You don’t pay anything extra for these additional sounds either. I’m working on them right now, it’s a work in progress – completed a full commodities response list.  Now You’ll be able to ask what a specific commodity is like “What is lithium” and the ship’s computer will give a detailed summary.  It’s been a lot of work but worth it to make our journey through space a little more interesting between places and space stations. I’m open to reasonable requests for “said” responses too.  If you have a sound in mind, maybe you want R2D2 from StarWars (I’d get permission) to make the screaming sound when jumping to hyperspace or something similar, just let me know, I’ll do my best. Somebody has asked for it and it’s in my “things to do” list. For those of you that are new to “voice activated” command software, please follow the set of instructions below to get Elite Dangerous obeying your commands. Some people have suggested a profile as well – You’re welcome to my profile but frankly my keys are set up for me, you should do the same or Google around for profile for Voice Attack, there’s lots of them.  Meantime if you have any questions, drop me an email. I answer all of them
  1. Make sure you have a working headset and mic (try not to have sound coming out of your speakers as this will be less effective than using a pair of headphones *feedback issues etc)
  2. If you haven’t already done so, go and download and install “Voice Attack”.  It has a free 21 day trial, after that it’s a small payment of $8.
  3. Start Elite Dangerous and set up your preferred gaming keys for commands.
  4. Start Voice Attack and make a new profile
  5. Click on the “edit profile” button and then click “new command”. In the “when I say” window type exactly the command you want the software to respond to, e.g “Boost engines”
  6. Click the “key press” button and choose a key that Voice Attack will press in response to your command.
  7. Click “other” and in the drop down list choose “play a sound” and browse to the directory where you have your sounds.  Choose one of the commands.
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