Apollo - Performed by Deejay Knight

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Apollo - Performed by Deejay Knight

"VoiceAttack" software is required! 
‘Singularity” – The 'Singularity' is a fantastic addition and this VoicePack is shipped with the feature, allowing you to use up to six VoicePacks at a time in Elite Dangerous. You can allocate different characters to different stations aboard your ship!  Click here to see how that works.  If you have more than six VoicePacks you can rotate your crew as often as you wish. 

Apollo (Singularity Ready) is not only efficient, but he's also a quirky and brilliant companion.  He loves to talk about the history of NASA and has some interesting statements about the organisation.  Apollo also likes to taunt and tease some of the other cockpit assistants too, so watch out for that! The usual few thousand responses are provided for you, and much more is planned  - Constellations and the Galaxapedia will be added to Apollo in the near future.

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