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Orion - Performed by William Shatner


HCS VoicePacks proudly presents "Orion".  Performed by one of Star Trek's finest, the legendary William Shatner.   

"VoiceAttack" software is required! 
‘Singularity” – The 'Singularity' is a fantastic addition and this VoicePack is shipped with the feature, allowing you to use up to six VoicePacks at a time in Elite Dangerous. You can allocate different characters to different stations aboard your ship!  Click here to see how that works.  If you have more than six VoicePacks you can rotate your crew as often as you wish. 


  A new voice pack with over 1300 phrases from the legendary science fiction master who has lent his voice for a thoroughly immersive experience. Includes new HCS PlugIns.  A unique and special preview from YouTuber 'Obsidian Ant' will give you a feel for the character as well as some insight into some new features, one being a Nebula Tour which is a very exciting journey that you can enjoy with Orion in the game.


Below is an in flight demo using "Orion" for ship commands in Elite Dangerous



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