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Vega - Performed by Brent Spiner


Vega - Brent Spiner.  Sounds for use with VoiceAttack & Elite Dangerous Only.  VoiceAttack software is required to use the complimentary, free .vap files:
Enhance your gameplay with voice commands, selecting from an expansive library of sounds recorded by renowned sci-fi stars and professional actors. This purchase includes audio files specifically designed for use with VoiceAttack and Elite Dangerous.

VoiceAttack software is required to use the complimentary, free .vap files - Purchase from VoiceAttack.com - Free VoiceAttack profiles (.vap files) in your voice pack: These files are provided as a complimentary package in the voice pack and are not sold. HCS VoicePacks licenses only the audio use within this package and makes no warranties regarding the provided .vap files for use with VoiceAttack software. Please consult the License conditions for HCS VoicePacks before making your purchase.

By purchasing HCS VoicePacks, you gain access to a unique auditory experience within VoiceAttack and Elite Dangerous. Please review our terms carefully to understand the scope and limitations of your purchase.

 The "Free" complimentary 'Singularity' .vap file Included: The 'Singularity.vap' files offer a dynamic addition to the VoicePack, connecting to the game's log files which provide live information through a plugin - VOICEATTACK SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED! This feature enhances the experience by allowing the combination of up to 8 VoicePacks in Elite Dangerous Odyssey as well as a ton of other features you can see on our YouTube channel. You can assign different characters to different stations on your ship, rotate your crew, and even allocate different crew members to different ships. The 'Singularity.vap' files are shipped free with the VoicePack, but please note that they are provided as a complimentary option and are neither warranted nor sold. Click here to see how that works.

Download Limitations: A limit of 10 downloads per purchase applies. Be sure to back up your files to avoid losing access - If you exhaust your downloads: Reset from 0-to-10 downloads,  click here



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