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Helldivers 2 - LEGION


Michael Dorn as LEGION - Releasing 29th March before midnight!

Helldivers 2 Havoc Series voice command pack featuring LEGION - You can see a preview of  Michael Dorn's "Legion" in video below 


Star Trek's Superstar prepares to assist you in delivering democracy!
• Helldivers 2 FULL Stratagem Commands
• Automatic Helldivers 2 keybind reader – Detects your bind changes.
• Customisable Stratagem code entry speed
• Voice Trigger Editor to create your own voice commands for starting Stratagems
• Combat-ready commands for Helldivers 2 

Michael Dorn - Famous for "Worf" in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Voice command & response pack for use with VoiceAttack software.
Includes Strategem Code Entry System & Boots-On-The-Ground voice commands.

How to install - 

Extended demo with Astra & GammA - Plus new "On-My-Mark" commands!




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