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HCS Stream Deck Connector



HCS Stream Deck Connector Beta
Executes ANY VoiceAttack profile command straight from Elgato's Streamdeck.

Preconfigured with HUNDREDS of commands for HCS Profiles for Elite, Star Citizen and Helldivers

Connect your OWN profiles and VoiceAttack commands using the "Custom Command" feature

Whether you are a streamer, or a gamer who uses the Streamdeck for direct control of your favourite game, the HCS StreamDeck Connector bridges the divide between your deck and your AI crew.

(Requires VoiceAttack AND an Elgato Stream Deck + for preconfigured commands, an HCS Voicepack)

Pre-programmed with access to a huge range of the commands from your Voicepacks - control of your crew is now at your fingertips.

No need to configure individual keypresses, or audio - simply drag the button to your deck, select which command you want to send to your crew, and the Streamdeck Connector does the rest.


  • Open the customiser at a single keypress
  • Turn voice control on and off
  • Request docking, lower the landing gear, call in a stratagem, manage your power distribution
  • Choose your own icons (or use our defaults)
  • Connect to your OWN VoiceAttack commands with our "Custom" feature

Preloaded commands for HCS profiles for:

  • Elite Dangerous 
  • Star Citizen
  • Helldivers
  • + coming soon - Microsoft Flight Sim, X4 Foundations & Starfield

Working alongside voice control - it's the ultimate integration for your VoicePacks, letting you control them how YOU want - with your voice, with a button push.

If you can SAY it to your pack, you can now give the same instruction from your StreamDeck

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VoiceAttack software and an Elgato Streamdeck are required to use the StreamDeck Connector  Please consult the License conditions for HCS VoicePacks before making your purchase.

Download Limitations: A limit of 10 downloads per purchase applies. Be sure to back up your files to avoid losing access - If you exhaust your downloads: Reset from 0-to-10 downloads,  click here 


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