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HAVOC - Voice mod for 'Escape From Tarkov'


Pre-order For (TBA 2024)

NOTE! If you already have our FPS other product, "Smiffy" you will automatically gain access to HAVOC for free.  You do NOT need to order! 

First-person shooter game 'Escape From Tarkov' PC voice control mod - VoiceAttack software required!  Beta version & early access.  The plugin and profile will be released for Beta very soon.  Our introductory price of $5 is for early adopters only!  This also guarantees early adopters will pay nothing more when the Beta is completed and can expect the retail download for free the moment it's released.

HAVOC - Escape From Tarkov Edition, is a set of voice commands all pre-configured for VoiceAttack software and ready-to-go, making engagement in-game more accessible and inclusive for everyone.   It is by no means faster than pressing keys, however, it is useful if you have trouble remembering keys, or have trouble stretching for them.  You will have to remember voice commands, however, you wil be provided with a manual for all commands, and they're pretty uniform and easy to remember - Things like "Reloading", "Checking weapon", "My weapon's Jammed" and other practical commands like "patch me up" or "Open inventory".  You can also access quick slots with commands like "Quick select 1/2/3/4".  Stay stealthy with "Going to prone". 

What's more, you can decide to allow your teammates to know what you're doing over VOIP, as they'll hear you say something like "My weapon's jammed" and know you'll need cover. At the very same time, the command is triggered by your voice to clear your weapon.  VoiceAttack, like your teammates, is geared to listen to your spoken words.  very efficient on the field of battle!


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